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Three T-Shirts = Three Different Styles

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I got all three of these t-shirts from Librastyle, a small Italian label which sells cool prints through Etsy. I thought it would be fun to put together three totally different outfits with them.
I’m wearing the first one with the pink pineapples because I don’t easily accept that summer is over. Maybe I’ll have to wear pants now and put on a sweater or a cardigan, but the love for tropical temperatures and cocktails by the pool is still present and always will be. Who says I can’t put on a tropical look in autumn? A bit of pineapple here, a bit of giraffe there, and then top it off with a tiny bit of leopard – tadaa: 

Dinner In The Dark + Hi 5

Because I’m miserably stuck in work I want to show you guys today which experience really made my day last weekend: The “Dinner in the dark”. That means you get to eat at an exclusive restaurant – while it’s completely dark and you can’t see a single thing (let alone your fork which will probably end up in your ear after the first try). It was one of these things on my “must do” list for autumn. I hate it when the weather changes and it is getting colder and darker each day, so this little list really helps me making it so spring. I wrote down lots of activities I want to do which don’t require good weather or sunlight. Whoever is struggling like me and doesn’t see a single positive thing about golden leaves and cold winds: Take my advice and write a list. And include Dinner in the Dark, it’s awesome:

Nearly Suitable For The Office

This „Dress“ actually is a shirt I bought long ago just because I thought I should really own a basic white shirt. Turned out I love the cut and the half-see-through top half-satin-like bottom division and started wearing it more often than I thought before. If it was made of other fabric it would look completely like a boyfriend style shirt, but even like this it has this “Just woke up and put on his shirt” appeal, especially combined with slightly messy hair. Because it’s still very short I’m wearing a pair of black denim shorts below and some cute cat socks as playful touch (seriousness isn’t  for me). To make it looks less like office and more like night out I put on torn net tights and my new heeled biker boots – You see, my outfits are completely thought through, haha!

 I got these boots thanks to the friendly support of Schuhtempel 24: They let me choose a pair and I thought these were the perfect all-rounders for autumn. They have midi heels, which is the spot-on perfect height for looking more feminine and still feeling comfy. I always buy boots a size bigger so my warm fuzzy socks can fit in there too – no joke that’s super comfy! Honestly my funny fuzzy socks collection is ridiculously big. 

Ladylike Light Shades

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Before reading this text, please read out the title 10 times in a row real quick. Thanks, now carry on: 
I don’t get many chances to wear my original vintage hat, but when I do, I wear it with passion. There are these girls who would always choose midi heels over trainers, skirts over ripped denim shorts and veiled vintage hats over beanies. You see them eating their salads in a fancy café in Paris, sitting in the front row of an artsy theatre play or swooping the last sequin dress in a small boutique, which you actually wanted to try on but she was faster. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m one of them.

Space Invader

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Hamburg’s harbour doesn’t seem like the right setting for these pictures. I would have taken them on my spaceship instead but unfortunately it’s still too messy in there after the last alien space fight. One of them lost its cool silver sunglasses though, wohoo!

I’ve honestly got a thing for printed dresses and also for skater skirts (so flattering!), so this futuristic dress immediately caught my eye when I saw it online. It reminds me of the movie “Tron Legacy” and the blurred photos you create when you’re trying to take a picture of a street at night.

All White Hippie

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Never before I’ve been wearing an all white outfit. With my boyfriend I went to an “All white” picnic motto party and together we inevitably felt like members of a weird sect (maybe Jehovah's Witnesses?). I almost felt the urge to knock on strangers’ doors and make up my own religion. Putting me in a tampon commercial would also put this outfit to good use.

It’s „O’zapft“ But What Do I Wear? 4 Oktoberfest Looks

All eyes are on Munich now where the most German of all festivals is taking place: The Oktoberfest. I went last year to cross it off my “Things I have to do because I’m German list”. It came right after Wearing Adidas sandals with white socks at the beach on Mallorca and Taking part in a sausage eating contest. (Click here to read about my experience). I’m probably not going again this year or next year or every year after, even though I had an embarrassingly good time. Oktoberfest is celebrated in every other city too, I’m probably going somewhere here in Berlin instead. I simply wore my mom’s Dirndl which even she just bought for fun and a onetime use only – so there’s much room for improvement. 

When it comes to Okoberfest clothing the dress code can be quite strict: It has to be somehow traditional and leather pants or a Dirndl are a must. As inspiration I put together 4 very different looks for the “Wiesn”, of which some are appropriate in terms of the dress code and some are not, but I’d wear them anyway: 

Styling Ideas For The Adidas And Rita Ora Collection + Raffle

Did you guys hear about the latest collaboration between Rita Ora and Adidas? No? Then you need to check it out if you like it sporty, black and pastel coloured! If you know Rita Ora not only for her music, you probably have an idea of her head turning take on fashion. Her style is seriously cool and if I was able to grab even a tiny percentage of her wardrobe I’d be more than happy. The pieces in the collection (trainers of course, but also sweaters, caps, pants and more) are mostly detailed with a pastel rainbow paired with bold black. That’s a pretty cool mix if you like wearing black-based outfits like me and want to combine them with soft colours. I love the see-through details on the classic designs as well. You can check out the pieces here, or simply scroll down – I picked my favourite ones and put together several collages where I set my textile creativity free. If I had Rita Oras ca$h as well I’d buy every outfit! I played around a bit, they’re all sporty, one is a bit 90s, one black&white and another one is cartoon-inspired:

DIY Denim Jacket With Roses

Roses are so cheesy. Whenever I see roses I just have to think of “deep” captions over landscapes with dramatic lightning such as “Every rose has its thorn” or “Every rose has to grow through dirt” or whatever they write on these Tumblr pictures. When a date brings me flowers I always hope he won’t choose roses. I mean, of course I’m happy about any kind of flower because it’s such a sweet gift that I automatically appreciate. But to be honest getting flowers is something that mainly just happens on my birthday anyway haha. Maybe I’m just not romantic enough, but they’ll die within two days anyway. Every kind of plant dies almost immediately in my room. Even cress dies before I can eat all of it.

Ironically I like roses as prints (at least there they’re safe from me and my plant-kill-zone-room). Fabric roses sewn on clothes also get thumps up.  I got this denim jacket at the Zara Sale, ordered some fabric roses on Ebay (it took forever to find the most beautiful ones) and when they arrived I carefully sewed them on the jacket. I also used one as a hair clip. It took me about 2 hours! A little part of me died when the first one came off after a few hours of wearing my new jacket haha – and I didn’t think about the problem of not really being able to lean back. Ugh, whatever, at least it turned out beautiful.

Be 22, Feel 30, Dress 8

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Denim pinafore dress, Barbie-like top and sneakers? That was my look in 2000 too when I was 8. Now the print says “Sick girl” instead of “Barbie” and with 8 I probably didn’t wear a hair clip with little pills on it, but hey at least something has to change.

I ironically bought this cropped t-shirt when I was struggling with my health. I bought it for fun even though the label had another meaning in mind. What do they say? When live gives you lemons wear a t-shirt making fun about it. Maybe they sell other tops for people with other problems too, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a “Drunk girl” t-shirt out there suitable for everyone with a drinking problem, a “Broke girl” t-shirt for all the ladies who are facing financial trouble or an “Illiterate girl” t-shirt for everyone who can’t read.