Why I nearly lost my mind in 2015 and why I will start blogging again

26 January 2016

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2015 war das intensivste Jahr meines Lebens und ein Todesfall hat alles verändert. Im letzten Jahr habe ich Asien für mich entdeckt und zugleich meine Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit, als ich mit Rucksack durch insgesamt 7 Länder gereist bin und 3 Monate ein eigenes Apartment in Bangkok hatte. Meine persönliche Entwicklung war enorm, ich habe so viel an mir und der Welt entdeckt, dass ich es gar nicht beschreiben kann. Als im Sommer mein bester Freund/ Exfreund an Krebs gestorben ist, hat mich das aus der Bahn geworfen. Ich möchte und kann darauf gar nicht näher eingehen, weil es zu tief ging, ich nicht wüsste, wo ich anfangen und aufhören sollte und es zudem Andere gar nichts angeht. Er war der wichtigste Mensch in meinem Leben. Seitdem habe ich aufgehört zu bloggen. Da ich mich immer noch im Mode Management Studium befinde, gingen gleich danach die Klausuren los, gefolgt von der Festivalsaison. Ich habe versucht, mich in alles so sehr wie nur möglich reinzustürzen.

Interior Inspiration: Finding The Perfect Pillow

07 October 2015

 I’m one of those girls who loves putting rather useless pillows everywhere just for decoration. “God no, of course you can’t touch them” is what I yell at new, clueless guests who are just trying to make themselves comfortable. It’s supposed to look comfy, but please don’t destroy my arrangement, haha! Or do you know those mean people who are keeping lots of colourful sweets in a jar – but you can’t eat even one of them because they’re supposed to be just decoration? Yeah, guilty, I’m one of them. But however, I think we agree that small decorations are the cherry on the cake which makes a home a home. So, as an obviously rather big pillow fan, I put together a few sweet finds from across the web:

Between Parties -The American Apparel Velvet Glitter Dress

04 October 2015

Glitter! Glitter everywhere! In this dress I felt like a little disco ball - except that disco balls usually keep their gleam to themselves and I was sharing it with everyone if I wanted to or not. I somehow got a thing for everything glittery. If it looks party-related, I like it. Some sequins, some glitter, some metallic? Send them to me! That kind of shopping habbit resulted in a wardrobe full of party stuff with a lack of normal everyday outfits. Gotta start wearing these things to university now, I guess.
I thought it would be fun to mix some Dr. Martens into the 80s soup and also some sport socks - don't ask why. I'm always trying to let someone else take the pictures outside but sometimes my couch isn't the worst setting for some homemade snaps.
Oh and by the way: You can now get 30% off everything from American Apparel but you gotta be fast: AA Shop (only today).

"The Best Milk Ever" Bag

30 September 2015

The best milk ever isn’t the one you tiredly pour over your cereal every morning, no. The best milk ever dangles on a string around my shoulder! Not very rich in nutrients but SO much cuter than your breakfast. I got it from “Moooh!!” (and honestly what better name could a company producing fashionable milk cartons have?!). Luckily, they didn’t limit themselves to cow-related products and are selling all sort of cute stuff. You can check it out here:
I paired the bag with my cute slushy slurping "slush puppy" tee from Asos for full beverage action.

2 Looks For Your Summer Holiday

The weather in Germany right now is something everybody wants to run away from – it’s best to dream of your next summer holiday with a lot of that so called “sun” we didn’t see here in a while. Some nice, warm place, palm trees, a pool.. that’s all I wish for right now. My exams are coming up and that makes me want to escape even more. I put together two looks I would love to wear at the beach, the pool or while exploring southern cities. When it’s getting seriously hot and I want to walk a lot, my outfit should meet some requirements! Firstly, I need a light, breezy and short summer dress. I hate it when a tight dress sticks to my skin after some hours in the sun. And because exploring is all about walking a LOT I also need comfy sandals. I thought it would be cool to add my two favourite summer shades as splashes of colour next to these light summer dresses: 

4 Online Shops To Buy A Dirndl Dress

28 September 2015

The biggest German beer party of all time is happening right now in Munich and I picked some online shops for you where you can get your hands on something more or less traditional. Short dirndl, long dirndl, dirndl shirt, leather pants, pretzel stickers for your forehead - there are no limitations to the Oktoberfest fun.

3 Cute Summer/ Festival Looks

13 June 2015

Now is the best time to celebrate hippie vibes and festival inspired fashion! There's something that I hate and something that I love and both are surprisingly close together: Festival fashion and festival inspired fashion. Like, come on, you wouldn't really wear white sandals at a muddy music festival - you'd wear rubber boots. Old rubber boots. I look horrible when I go to music festivals: 3 hours of sleep and no shower for days don't really illuminate my complexion. What I do love though is bringing that hippie stuff to the streets. Fringes, brown suede leather, aztec prints, flowers... that's what I like to see in summer. I put together 3 happy hippie looks perfect for the city streets: 

My Favourite Sneakers For Summer

09 June 2015

That the weather is getting hotter doesn’t mean sneaker-time is ever going to end in Berlin. Like organic tote bags, beanies and a bottle of Club Mate, cool sneakers are one of the main elements of Berlin’s streetstyle: You just can’t imagine the city without them. Even I, who didn’t like the “sporty look” for a long time, now have a huge sneaker collection and it’s getting only bigger. I picked 9 favourites you can all get here:

Travelling To Ko Phi Phi

06 June 2015

I already showed some pictures of Ko Phi Phi in my last post: It was absolutely wonderful there. I thought I’d show you a bit more. A friend and I went to the island while travelling through Thailand. I always thought I’d need a huge city to life somewhere but I somehow fell in love with Ko Phi Phi. They don’t even have bikes or cars, you just walk everywhere or take a water taxi (aka wonderfully oldschool motorboat). The people we met there go to pool/barbecue/ beach parties all day and work at the bars at night. It’s basically all about parties. Me and my friend worked in one of the bars just for fun and got paid in alcohol, haha! It’s also the place where they shot “The beach” – that’s kind of the vibe there. We went snorkeling, we went dancing, we went kayaking, we saw the fattest monkey the world has ever seen and we swam with glowing plankton at night. It’s hard to imagine a place closer to paradise and I’m already planning to visit it a bit longer next time – maybe several months.

Paradise Sunset with Innecklace

04 June 2015

Today, right from paradise, I’d like to show you a small but beautiful brand: Innecklace. They sent me the silver necklace I was wearing when I went to the sunset viewpoint on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand – which is one of the most wonderful spots on earth, by the way. Prices start at about $26 for completely customizable jewellery: I chose the sterling silver love bar necklace. You can let them engrave anything you like from names to numbers or whatsoever. I’ve always wanted a simple necklace with my mom’s birthday on it, so I didn’t think long about what to engrave. You can even choose the font! I really like the idea of creating something that personal and individual. As soon as I got the necklace I sent a picture to my mom, thinking she would say that it was very sweet. She told me I engraved the wrong birthday: Whoops! That’s typically me haha but well, I still wear the necklace a lot, because it goes so well with almost everything and nevertheless I think of my mom when I look at it.. and laugh a little.