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Jingle Bee

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With all these festivities coming up it was about time for an elegant outfit post. I don’t celebrate Christmas once, I celebrate it a hundred times due to all these “Before Christmas tea”, “Christmas dinner”, “2nd Christmas dinner”,“Day after Christmas dinner”-family gatherings. The eating won’t stop and as long as I can wear tight skirts, I will. I hope you guys already have bought your presents because I haven’t and I’m starting to panic. Today I bought 24€ worth of chocolate at my favourite Christmas market stall – I only get to eat those once a year. It’s all for myself. And that was kind of my last money since I just bought a new coat and a ton of other clothes.. again. I hope everyone else will be okay with hard candy this year. I really miss those times when all I had to do was paint anything on a piece of paper and everyone was happy.

Oh Silly

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Why so serious? If I had to decide between striking a “I am a serious fashion blogger, this is serious business and that’s why I’m pretending to not be noticing the camera with my mouth slightly opened”- pose OR a “haha just do something funny like ehh jump”-pose I’d definitely choose the latter. Either that or it was the person behind the camera: I guess it’s a big difference if a friend or your tripod is taking the picture. A tripod also can’t give you high-fives. Friend:2 Tripod:0 I’d say.

Firefighter Meets Little Red Riding Hood

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And they like each other. This red patent leather rain jacket from Topshop is perfect for long walks in the woods when you want to visit your grandma once again. And at the same time it resembles a firefighter’s coat well enough to be asked to help get that kitten off that tree. I wanted to post this since forever, so don’t be worried about me catching a cold in this outfit, haha. It doesn’t make much sense anyway. I mean – sunglasses and raincoats belong together like soups and forks. They don’t. I’m probably never going to put this jacket to good use in a sense of wearing it in the rain. I rarely take the weather into account when I get dressed: sunshine? Rainjacket! Winter? Short Skirt! Dressing according to my mood already is enough of a task.

Anyhow, lip pattern is my favourite print right now. And my favourite bag shape. And my favourite necklace too! I have a whole lip collection at home by now.

The Viking's Shadow: Iceland

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Before my boyfriend and I went to Iceland, “somebody” told me that I should only put clothes in my suitcase which I’d normally wear during December in Berlin. I trusted him and didn’t double check anything regarding this great advice. I had to find out the hard way that Iceland is not like December in Berlin. Maybe if suddenly a new ice age started in December. I had to borrow lots of functional clothing and didn’t get to wear much of my skirts and light tops, which admittedly aren’t even appropriate in Berlin this time of the year. What I did wear was my huge black feather collar vintage sweater – since Iceland is Viking country, I almost felt like one (except I was missing the beard and the horned helmet)

Iceland Part 2: Northern Lights, Rotten Sharks And Volcanoes

You might get a glimpse of how fascinating and surreal Iceland can be by visiting the highlands – that wild part in the middle of the country you can only reach by driving on bumpy dirt roads. We didn’t want to drive on dirt roads – we chose not to drive on any roads at all and followed some sort of “path” into the wilderness. It lead us trough rivers, over mountains and valleys while we didn’t see a single other person the whole day. This emptiness of the landscape was.. strange. Not even trees can grow there, only a bit of moss here and there. At dusk we reached the valley with the holiday cottage we rented and at night we saw the northern lights for the first time in our lives. I remember how I checked outside and was disappointed to see nothing – ten minutes later the whole sky was full of dancing neon green lights and a hint of pink. Hastily we went to the car and drove further into the valley to lay down on the soft moss and watched the show above us. The next day started with a hike to the next thermal spring, where we went skinny-dipping. It was already off-season, which is great because you have the landscape all for yourself and see Iceland change into the warm colours of autumn, but also a bit dangerous since it could start snowing every minute – which it didn’t, luckily. On our way back to Reykjavik we stopped on a lava field and climbed on a volcano that looked as if it belonged to Mordor and not to Iceland.

Outfit: Walking Through Reykjavik

This was my outfit when we explored Reykjavik. It’s funny how tiny everything is in Iceland. They have no McDonalds but small restaurants that serve freshly caught fish and they also have no major brands like H&M or Zara or basically anything, there you’ll just find small boutiques and family-owned businesses. Due to the weird weather conditions the sky is mostly grey. The whole town has this rough fisherman’s village charm and I loved the atmosphere.

The vintage sweater was a real bargain from a tiny market we organized at my university back in Berlin. I saw those earrings in a vintage shop in Reykjavik and thought they’d match perfectly – and my lovely boyfriend bought them for me. I put them on straight away.

OOTD: Ready To Climb That Glacier/ Iceland

My “outfit of the day” doesn’t include platform heels and a handbag, it includes an ice-pick and crampons. Strictly speaking, it’s not the OOTD it’s more like the OOLM – “Outfit of last month” when my boyfriend and I travelled through Iceland. When you’re stuck in a city most of the time you sometimes need a bit of fresh air. The fresh air on top of a glacier, for instance. We booked a tour to climb on the Sólheimajökull glacier, where we tried ice-climbing too. We helped a local farmer with the sheep round up, when they collect the sheep from the highland and put them all in one big sorting area. To know which sheep belongs to which farmer, you have to jump on top of one sheep, clamp it between your legs and pull them up by their horns to somehow manage taking a look at the chip in their ears. It was sheep rodeo basically. One actually bucked me off. We also went to the oldest swimming pool in Iceland, which is built into the mountain next to it. The water comes out of a thermal spring and is super warm – even though it was close to snowing outside. We then did a jeep tour through rough valleys and went hiking in the most remarkable places.
I know this has nothing to do with fashion - unless you’re thinking of giving your next outfit some edge (literally) with some cool crampons, but I thought I might share my pictures.
Iceland is very expensive to visit, but it should be on everyone’s must-see-before-I-die-list. It was amazing! Not very relaxing though, but adventurous.

Hippie With A Big A$$ Hat

Maybe some people on the street noticed something about my outfit today. Maybe they noticed it from the other side of the street or even a kilometer away from me. Maybe some astronauts in space noticed it too. It’s something about my hat. I’d say, there’s just one word to describe this hat: BIGA$$HAT. When I saw it online I thought: That hat looks pretty big, I think I’m going to buy it. Sometimes my buying scheme is just that easy. I’m now trying to not make a horribly tasteless joke about my dating scheme while you better scroll down:

Three T-Shirts = Three Different Styles

I got all three of these t-shirts from Librastyle, a small Italian label which sells cool prints through Etsy. I thought it would be fun to put together three totally different outfits with them.
I’m wearing the first one with the pink pineapples because I don’t easily accept that summer is over. Maybe I’ll have to wear pants now and put on a sweater or a cardigan, but the love for tropical temperatures and cocktails by the pool is still present and always will be. Who says I can’t put on a tropical look in autumn? A bit of pineapple here, a bit of giraffe there, and then top it off with a tiny bit of leopard – tadaa: 

Dinner In The Dark + Hi 5

Because I’m miserably stuck in work I want to show you guys today which experience really made my day last weekend: The “Dinner in the dark”. That means you get to eat at an exclusive restaurant – while it’s completely dark and you can’t see a single thing (let alone your fork which will probably end up in your ear after the first try). It was one of these things on my “must do” list for autumn. I hate it when the weather changes and it is getting colder and darker each day, so this little list really helps me making it so spring. I wrote down lots of activities I want to do which don’t require good weather or sunlight. Whoever is struggling like me and doesn’t see a single positive thing about golden leaves and cold winds: Take my advice and write a list. And include Dinner in the Dark, it’s awesome: