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I know somewhere out there exists this "black and blue don't go together" - rule but like most fashion rules I choose to ignore it. The knitted collar isn't a part of the dress, it's a piece for itself. And no, my grandma did not get bored halfway through knitting, I discovered this collar on I had never seen anything like it before and it only was about 5€ anyway. I think it's a cool and fun alternative to scarfs and would look great with a white blouse as well. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the edgiest! I've never seen anyone selling a plain collar, but hey why not?
The dress is from Trendyfine - you gotta love this simple design and the front slit.

11 Outfits I Didn't Post In 2014

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Stretch your index finger, contract your index finger, stretch, contract, stretch.. I just thought you might want to do some stretching exercises before you have to scroll through this extremely long post. I don’t want you to strain a muscle. Here come 11 looks I didn’t post in 2014 which means a lot of picture material is ahead. I have no idea how other bloggers manage posting one look a day! I’m always far behind with my posts and still have about 20 in the waiting queue and another 20 ideas for new posts in my head. All I lack is time. How do you manage that? Did all of you borrow Hermoine’s time turner? I can consider myself lucky when I have time to cook pasta instead of gorging some toast real fast. Uploading outfits more often than once or twice a week is absolutely impossible. My everyday life is so so stressful. I’m going to university, I’m working at a stylist’s office AND I have a very busy private life. I’d always choose a night out over homework or blogging. But no regrets, one fun night is worth more than 100 anonymous followers anyway.

Going To Prom With Myself

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Okay, my prom is already over but if it was still ahead and I hadn’t found a date in time I could definitely play the double role dressed like this. One me in that mermaid dress and the other me in that elegant overall for the masculine part. I would make the most awesome lesbian couple.

I was wearing this dress when I attended an elegant birthday event with my family. Right after I spontaneously went to some kind of wild home party at the other end of the town where I already looked.. let’s say “a bit out of place” next to the punks who organized it. A friend of mine lent me his XXXL sneakers because me feet hurt – I’m not really used to high heels.  Fancy like that we went to a club here in Berlin. I didn’t even bother putting on my wedges in front of the bouncers, I don’t know why but they actually let me in like that.

3 Three Floor Dresses - Toss Or Keep?

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I’ve a huge label crush on Three Floor. The style is cleverly seductive and each and every one of their pieces so far has caught my eye immediately. There’s just something about the cuts, the colours, the lace, the wild mix of everything.. And somebody at this label doesn’t seem to like symmetry. They’re mostly selling party dresses and I wish I had a fancy occasion everyday so I could be sporting a different Three Floor dress each day. Their designs usually cost 100-200€, which is a great price for those unique pieces actually. It’s totally affordable! When I saw that the prices of some of their dresses dropped from over 200€ to 50€ in the sale my heart started beating twice as fast and my finger magically clicked on “Buy”. You can have a look at the sale at Asos (where I bought them), right at the Three Floor page or here at Styligion.

The only problem now: They look too similar to justify buying all three of them. 

The Coca Cola Ugly Christmas Sweater With Flashing Lights

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Most other people probably planned to wear something like a nice black dress on Christmas eve to convince the aunties and uncles they only meet once a year anyway that they have transformed into halfway decent grown ups. I however decided to show my family my true embarrassing self by putting on an awesome ugly Christmas sweater with real, flashing lights. Yes, they are flashing. It’s from the Coca Cola x Primark Christmas collection: I usually don’t buy at Primark and I’ve actually sworn to myself I’d never go there again, but when one of my colleagues casually mentioned they sell flashing Christmas sweaters I knew I had my Christmas outfit ready. So with a little bit of shame and guilt I rushed to the nearest Primark store and purchased this beauty. It has cost me 22€ and some nerves but I couldn’t be happier – even though it’s not possible to wash it due to the electricity inside. I guess sweating means game over. But the best about this is: My boyfriend bought the exact same sweater. And of course we have worn it together. When you decide to go full retard, never go full retard alone.

Win a Minga Berlin Giveaway + My Minga OOTD

First of all: Merry Christmas! Santa is bringing you an extra present this year because I have something for you too: Thanks to the super cute label Minga Berlin you can now win one of their colourful gift boxes! More details are waiting for you at the end of this post but first you’ll have to scroll through lots of epileptic seizure triggering outfit photos featuring Minga Berlin socks – your patience will be rewarded.

Minga Berlin is a sock label. You read right: They are selling nothing but socks. Very cute socks! The colourful eye-catchers are all high-quality, unisex and made from certified organic cotton. The label just won a PETA fashion award so you can even have the certainty that you supported something good while making your everyday looks more playful with these little splashes of colour. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I’m crazy about cute socks. I was close to calling my blog Socks&Scandals, honestly. The Minga Berlin styles I loved the most were Pixelate - Quartz Leaf and the Two Face -Yellow Power. I had fun putting together two Pop Art inspired outfits with lots of bananas and bright colours:

Christmas Meets Addams Family

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It’s nearly Christmas (yeay!) and even I finally managed to buy almost all of the presents (double yeay!). Now I hope it will be over soon: One more “Last Christmas” while I’m just peacefully trying to find a new scarf and I’ll strangle myself with it.

Dressing Christmassy means to me digging out everything made of velvet, sequins or something fluffy – as long as it’s somehow dramatic and “festive”. I have to admit though, the second outfit looks more like an Addams Family reference instead of something you could be wearing next to the Christmas tree (maybe next to a cemetery). The black flower crown is DIY, by the way – everyone but my grandma’s dog liked my creation.

Jingle Bee

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With all these festivities coming up it was about time for an elegant outfit post. I don’t celebrate Christmas once, I celebrate it a hundred times due to all these “Before Christmas tea”, “Christmas dinner”, “2nd Christmas dinner”,“Day after Christmas dinner”-family gatherings. The eating won’t stop and as long as I can wear tight skirts, I will. I hope you guys already have bought your presents because I haven’t and I’m starting to panic. Today I bought 24€ worth of chocolate at my favourite Christmas market stall – I only get to eat those once a year. It’s all for myself. And that was kind of my last money since I just bought a new coat and a ton of other clothes.. again. I hope everyone else will be okay with hard candy this year. I really miss those times when all I had to do was paint anything on a piece of paper and everyone was happy.

Oh Silly

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Why so serious? If I had to decide between striking a “I am a serious fashion blogger, this is serious business and that’s why I’m pretending to not be noticing the camera with my mouth slightly opened”- pose OR a “haha just do something funny like ehh jump”-pose I’d definitely choose the latter. Either that or it was the person behind the camera: I guess it’s a big difference if a friend or your tripod is taking the picture. A tripod also can’t give you high-fives. Friend:2 Tripod:0 I’d say.

Firefighter Meets Little Red Riding Hood

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And they like each other. This red patent leather rain jacket from Topshop is perfect for long walks in the woods when you want to visit your grandma once again. And at the same time it resembles a firefighter’s coat well enough to be asked to help get that kitten off that tree. I wanted to post this since forever, so don’t be worried about me catching a cold in this outfit, haha. It doesn’t make much sense anyway. I mean – sunglasses and raincoats belong together like soups and forks. They don’t. I’m probably never going to put this jacket to good use in a sense of wearing it in the rain. I rarely take the weather into account when I get dressed: sunshine? Rainjacket! Winter? Short Skirt! Dressing according to my mood already is enough of a task.

Anyhow, lip pattern is my favourite print right now. And my favourite bag shape. And my favourite necklace too! I have a whole lip collection at home by now.